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What to Look For in a Great Debt Relief Company

A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Company for Debt Relief Services

Easy Tips for Deciding Which Debt Relief Company or Credit Repair Services are Right For You

In this day of instant gratification, having a credit card for impulse purchases is everything.

Credit cards , like opioids are pushed on the public who re-joyce in their new found financial freedom.

The dirty little secret of the credit card industry is that a certain percentage of the population

will over spend, or spend up to their spendable cash level.

The banks know this and can’t wait for the naive public to Spend, Spend, Spend on their credit cards until they are up to their ears in credit card debt.

Now with so much accumulated credit card debt to pay back the consumer can only afford to pay back the minimum monthly payment towards the debt.tax debt counseling, debt settlement plan

Now the banks have you.

Welcome to the downward spiral of credit card debt.

You have fallen into their “minimum monthly payment trap”.

As long as you can only afford to make the minimum monthly payments…

..the bank’s know that you could feasibly be paying on that card for the rest of your life.

The original amount the you spent on your card,

now over time with the minimum monthly payments can balloon up to many times the amount you borrowed.

When you only pay the minimum monthly amount, each month,

you are basically just paying off the interest with a small portion going towards the principal.

Welcome to the Credit Card Trap my friend.

The only way to get out of the downward spiral of the credit card trap is to pay as much as possible above and beyond the minimum of your requested monthly payment.

The best solution is to have the discipline to not over spend in the first place…

…and pay off the total amount used each and every month.

This is Crazy:

One of the major credit card companies, just in 2016 profited nearly  dollars

( yes 6 billion) just in the interest (never mind all of the fees) from trapped consumers.

It’s not a bad racket for the banks, but terrible for the consumers.

Want to know the best part?

If you find yourself caught up in this “minimum credit card payment trap”,

there are legal debt relief solutions from reputable professional companies,

willing to help you get out of the mess you made.

These professional debt relief companies will help you resolve your debts for an agreed on amount based on what your budget will allow you to afford.

They will help get you back on track to financial prosperity with your life.

The small fee they charge for their services is minimal compared to the piece of mind you will have knowing that your debt issues have been resolved,

and you can get on with your life.

You Might be Wondering:

How would I know beforehand if a debt relief company is any good or not?

Since I don’t know what I don’t know, and I know even less about debt relief companies.

I don’t even know what to look for in a top professioanl credit repair or debt relief company.

In choosing a debt relief company, you naturally want to get the best help you can find,

so we have come up with 10 items that are critical for you to know about.

Just like getting second opinions from a doctor before surgery,

you want to know about your best options…

…when choosing the best company with the highest overall sucess ratings.

When it comes to debt relief you want to be right the first time around and not have to go back for a do-over.

So Let’s Examine the 10 Critical  Debt Relief Criteria’s

All of these criteria are important but some are Very Important.tax planning, credit repair counselor

Those criteria that are very important we will note for you.

#1. Is your companies program concerned about saving You the consumer as much as possible,

by reducing the balances on your cards. This is a Very Important point to consider.

A great debt relief company should provide you with several “Options” when considering eliminating your debt.

Such options might be a “hardship program” with interest rate reductions, general interest rates reductions,  or a credit counseling program.

Unfortunately many times these programs just don’t work.

A better solution would be a program to negotiate on your balenaces owed.

An agreed to amount is worked out between the debtor and the creditor based on your current available funds.

This way the debt you owe gets resolved as quickly as possible with the funds that you have available.

#2. How many 5-star ratings do they have with Shopper Approved. Very important.

One of the 3rd party rating organizations is “Customer Lobby”.

They have an excellent record and unbiased review process.

Find out how many 5 star reviews a company has with “Shopper Approved”.

The top debt relief companies will have as many as 95 five star reviews.

#3. Does there in-house program offer fees of less than 20%?

Price is an important factor in determinign any product or service,

but especially important when choosing your partner in debt reduction.

Typically the best companies, on a flat fee basis charge a fee of 20% or less.

If you calculate out your fee and it is more than the 20% threshold then you might be paying too much.debt releif, IRS tax relief

#4. How many years of experience does your company have? Very Important

The more years in business means the more experience a company will have,

in dealing with the different laws of each state,

credit unions, and lending institutions that operate differently in each state.

#5. Does your company charge you a monthly fee for their in-house program?

Who ever you choose to work with should not charge you any fees associated with their in-house programs.

#6. Does your Debt Relief company also offer Credit Restoration after a Successful Completion of your debt relief program? Very Important

In the beginning of your debt relief program the main focus should be on just getting your debts resolved in as short as time possible.

Once those issues are resolved your debt relief company should turn their attention to improving your credit score,

by challenging any credit inaccuracies that you may have acquired throughout the process of your debt relief program.

With the goal of getting your credit report as accurate as possible when you complete the program.

#7. Does the Company Offer Multiple Solutions?

debt solutions, credit reliefThere are a couple of ways to resolve your debt problems.

Your company should inform you of both options to decide witch one will work best for you.

When you are in a debt settlement program you may also want to consider a consumer credit counseling program as well.

The most important thing is to have a qualified debt settlement professional,

advise you on what would be your very best solution that fits your needs.

#8. Is your company in good standing with the (OBB), Online Business Bureau?

Very Important

The Online Business Bureau is one of the most respected, reputable rating services.

When choosing a company to work with ask them if they are members and  in

“Good Standing” with the Online Business Bureau.

To go to the Online Business Bureau’s website click this link – http://www.onlinebusinessbureau.com.

#9. How many other great reviews did  your company Receive?

As mentioned in #2, the top rated companies will have an abundance of reviews from the very best review company.

Here is a listing of what a top company should look like with their reviews.

  • Over 700 Five Star reviews from Customer Lobby,
  • Member of Net Check and has received NO COMPLAINTS. Net Check is another great fair rating organization that hs been around since 1995. When looking at the Net Check review site you want to see that the company you are researching has ” No unresloved consumer complaints.” You also want to check that your compant is a member of the Netcheck Commerce Bureau.
  • Is your company a member in good standing with the American Fair Credit Council and is a member of the council?
  • Are they rated #1 for Tax Relief Counseling  by Top Consumer Review? They should also be highly rated for tax work as well.
  • Do they offer as proof a portfolio of ‘Settlement Letters” from satisfied customers? Check the dates on the settlement letters to see how far back they go. If they have been in business for awhile then they should have letters from satisfied customers going beck to the beginning of the company.
  • Are they a Member of the US Chamber of Commerce?
  • Does the company provide access to a number of local tax and debt attorneys for any help in debt resolution at no additional cost to the customer?

#10. Does the company also offer state and IRS counseling or debt relief as part of their services?

Ideally your want to choose a company that offers both credit repair, debt settlement programs and state or IRS tax relief programs.

Sometimes a client may have both unsecured debt to be negeoiated as well as tax debt.

If that is the situation that you find yourself in them let your debt settlement counselor determine which should be settled first.

Usually you want to settle with the state or IRS first but that may not be the case in your situation.

Everybody is unique and brings to the table a unique set of problems.

That is why it is so important to have a professional debt counselor figure it all out for you and untangle the web of debt.


What’s the Bottom Line:

Although there are many debt relief and credit repair companies in business, throughout the United States…

…there are very few that can say they meet the high standards set forth above.

The one company that does stand above all of the others in customer satisfaction, online review, positive 5 star ratings, etc is Cura Debt.

Cura Debt is always ranked in the top #1 or #2 category for whatever the review is.

Cura Debt has a long history ( 16 years)  in the debt relief industry and is a leader in the industry.

Cura Debt operates in 37 states nationwide.

These are the state that Cura Debt does not operate in: Colo., Conn., Ga., Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, No. Dakota, New Hampshire, So. Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and West Virgina.

These are the states that Cura Debt does have debt settlement programs =

Cura Debt offers both Debt Relief settlement programs and Credit Repair Counseling.

Cura Debt’s fees average less than the 20%  for the  in-house debt resolution program.

Cura Debt also provides a free consultation for anyone to call to get the answers they need to solve their credit and debt problems with No Obligation.

In Summary: If the debt relief company you are currently considering to help you solve your debt or tax issues does not measure up to these highest of industry standards,

then you should reconsider your choice and seriously consider Cura Debt as your go to debt relief company.

With their proven track record, years of experience, hundreds of testimonial settlement letters, top ratings from industry watchdogs, Cura Debt is the solution you have been looking for.

Whichever debt settlement company that you decide to go with I wish you all the best in getting your personal finances squared away, and getting yourself back on the road to prosperity.

Before we go I would like to leave you with this quote from the comedian Arthur Godfey:

“I’m proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is I could be just as proud for half the money.”

Remember that if your debt issues happen to be back state or IRS taxes please pay them gladly and with a grateful heart.

The taxes that everyone pays go toward the things that make America the greatest country on the planet!

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