Setting Goals and Planning for Success

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People Don’t Plan to Fail – They Fail to Plan!

If you are planning to enroll in a credit card counseling / debt consolidation program or even if you just want to lose some weight, then you are going to need to set some goals.

Have you set any new goals for yourself recently?

Have you been reviewing and checking off the progress of your current goals?

Do you have a specific plan of action for both your short term and long term goals?

Goals and goal setting have been proven in multiple studies to help you create a better life for yourself.

Assuming of coarse that you,setting goals, credit goals, getting out of debt goal

  • A – set goals
  • B – follow through and achieve your goals.

Goal setting comes about when you determine your goals, both log or short term.

Develop an action plan that will motivate and guide you toward your ultimate destination.

Some might even argue that just pre-visualizing in your minds eye and then committing that vision to paper in writing is a good start to the whole process of goal setting.

A great strategy for goal setting is to use the “SMART” acronym to establish your goals.

#1. Just write down your goal(s) in as few words as as possible – “My goal is to:_____________________”

Then utilize the “SMART” system.

S = Make your goal(s) detailed and SPECIFIC,  list 3 action steps that you will take.

M = Make sure that your goal is MEASURABLE,  when X, Y, or Z happens then I will know I have reached my goal.

A = make sure that you goal is even ATTAINABLE,  what resources will you need? Time, education, emotional support from family or friends.

R = Make your goal RELEVANT, know your WHY for reaching your goal. How will it change your life? What will this goal do for you? People pursue pleasure and flee pain. Where does your goal fit in?

T = Make your goal TIMELY, put some kind of time limits on your goal so that you can set benchmarks for achievements along the way.

A Few Tips for Goal Setting – Dream Big!

If you are going to set goals, then dream big!

But it is one thing to dream but another thing to be self motivated to work at your goals everyday and achieve them.

The path to your goal will be fraught with many reasons why you should…

  • quit,
  • give up,
  • life gets in the way
  • etc, etc, etc.

You have to work through the negative talk in your subconscious mind.

Don’t listen to the negativity from  your best friends.

Or worse yet your spouse or parents and keep pushing on.

When your friends or spouse tell you that “You can’t do that”, or “you’ll never do that” what they are really saying is that THEY could never do such and such. They are not envisioning your dreams and goals.

imaging how you will feel when you accomplish your goal.

Remember – If you shoot for the moon you may still hit the stars!

Break your goal action steps down to bite size chunks.

This is called “chunking it down”.

Don’t try to it all at once.

Break the process down into achievable steps.

Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step

. Have you ever considered how you go about eating an elephant? One bite at a time!! Ha!,Ha!

Another helpful tip is to have Accountability.

Having an accountability coach or a friend who can hold you accountable will put more power into your goal mindset.

Knowing that if you stop or quit (nobody likes quitters) your accountability coach will be right there to watch you fail.

Telling someone about your goal puts the energy out into the universe and reinforces your subconscious mind.  Once the energy is there, it doesn’t go away.

And lastly… be realistic in your goals.

Many people set goals that just aren’t achievable within their life’s context.

Keep in mind that your life’s path is not the same as that person next to you.

The real goal in life is just doing and achieving what makes you feel whole as a person.

Never forget that none of us are Superman or Superwomen.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help from a trusted friend or family member who supports you in your quest for your goals.

Remember, no one plans to fail, they fail to plan.

If you can see it in your minds eye,

have faith and believe in yourself,

nothing can hold you back!


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