How Sexy is your Credit Score ?

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Do You Have Sexy Credit?

A couples guide for quick credit repair help

If your are either in, or thinking about a debt consolidation program or credit card counseling program and are single or still looking for that significant other then it is time to make your credit sexy again!

Not only does your landlord and cable company review your credit score but your next date may want to as well.

Yes as the saying goes ” money can’t buy happiness” but having a good credit score might make you more appealing to your potential life partner.

Having a good credit score shows your potential partner that your are a financially literate person and can handle your finances in a responsible manner.

We all know that the primary cause of tension in relationships usually involves money or a lack there of.

Why would a women take a chance on someone who doesn’t possess the basic skill set of handling his daily financial needs?

Even worse possibly is to have to subsidize someone who cannot live within their means?

When both parties are on equal financial footing and have good credit scores it shows that they can follow through on their money commitments.

Having a good credit score will play a major your in both your lives when you decide to buy your first home.

In a recent survey 69% singles said that having a good credit score indicated that the person was:sexy credit, sexy credit score,

  • reliable
  • responsible
  • smart
  • and trustworthy.

Singles today want to know as much about their future partner or even a dating relationship before they make any commitments.

Many even go so far as to go to sites such as to get a pre-hand look into their dates credit score.

This at least gives the potential partner some comfort in knowing that they at least share similar values.

However not everyone thinks that judging someone by their credit score is such a great practice.

People have different spending habits.

Credit scores can be improved rather quickly with some prudent payment and spending practices.

A credit score may tell you if the person has good financial practices or not,  but it won’t tell you if the person is a truly a good person or what is in that person’s heart.

Best practices might be to just monitor someone’s spending habits.

Even a high net worth individual can over spend their income.

Does the person overspend on lavish things that they just don’t need or do they seem sensible with their spending habits.

Or worse yet, doe’s he ask you to pick up or share the bill? Oh boy, red flag!! Keep looking honey! Ha!, Ha!

So when you are out there looking for your life partner learn to ask the right questions.

Being physically fit, having a fancy car, and being compatible with your movie choices are all great things

Don’t be reluctant to broach the topic of money.

Financial pressures end approximately one in five relationships.

Don’t let yours be one of them.

So why take chances.

Work on your credit score now to get it up to an acceptable 700 or better level. You never know how a sexy credit score might help improve your love life.

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