About Me

short sale specialistWelcome to “about me”.

I moved from a small town in Iowa to New York City with $40.00 and a dream to become a commercial fashion photographer.

I had  No Plan, No Capital, and No Connections  or contacts in the New York City. What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

Eventually I found myself homeless, sleeping on friends couches until their wives or girlfriends got fed up with me.

Through hard work, perseverance, determination and some lucky breaks I was able to get my own photography studio. and start producing photography, film and video shoots.

From there I started producing photography, film and video shoots.

Eventually I would grow that business into three studios for photography, film and video production.

Remembering the lean years I remained frugal saving my money (my girlfriend even went so far as to call me cheap!).

I opted for delayed gratification, putting off buying unnecessary items that I did not need or any impulse credit card purchases.

Long story short I used my saved capital to purchase a multi-family apartment building in New Jersey.

In a few short years I was able to sell the original property and buy a much larger apartment building.

Thus began my leveraging up to more and more apartment buildings.

With the cash flow from my apartment buildings I was able to retire at 57 years old with a passive income and just manage my assets.

As I was doing my real estate investing in the northern New Jersey area.

As a real estate investor you don’t really buy houses, you buy other peoples problems.

As I began talking to homeowner after homeowner their stories all started to sound very similar.

Many of these home owners fell behind on their credit card payments, medical bills, business debts, IRS debt and back taxes.

For many, once they fell behind, try as they might they just could not get caught up again.

This is when I became passionate about helping people manage their debt problems.

My goal for this blogsite is to provide the reader with information to allow them to get back on the  road to wealth and abundance. 


Dedicated to a more wealthy and prosperous you.

All my best,

Grant LeDuc