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Debt Counseling and Credit Card Repair Industry Review

“Cura Debt” is One of the Top Ten Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair Companies

If you are struggling with credit card debt, business debt or maybe even an IRS tax lien against your business then you are going to need some professional help.

With so many different companies out there to choose from it is hard to know which ones are for real and which ones to avoid at all costs.

These are the types of problems where you really need to get the very best of knowledgeable professionals working for you on your side.

This is especially true if you are dealing with a Federal tax lien.

Fortunately getting the best help working for you is not any more expensive than a second rate company.

So there is no need to think that  you shouldn’t get the very best help that you can.

In fact, falling into the trap of getting a lessor rate company to help you out…

…could even cost you more because of not being able to get you the best deal,

not knowing all of the laws or just down right incompetency.

So you must be careful who you choose and which credit repair and debt consolidation company that you pick to solve your credit and debt problems.

If you find yourself in a situation where you would find if beneficial to speak with credit repair or debt counseling service…

…to discuss credit repair strategies then you would be well served to strongly consider

Cura Debt as your go to choice.

Cura Debt is a standard bearer for the industry.

Cura Debt has been in solving individuals and small business credit, debt and tax issues since 1996,

so they have a lot of experience under their belt.

Cura Debt’s tax team of professionals has over 100 years of combiined experience.

Many on Cura Debt’s staff of tax professionals previously worked for the IRS.

They have over 83 years on combined experience either being employed by the IRS ot other taxing authorities.

So needless to say, the Cura Debt team knows how to settle the IRS tax problems from the inside and out.

Cura Debt keeps their Debt Relief program in-house.

This is designed to help save you as much money as possible during your time of hardship.

You can always get a free consultation from a Cura Debt professional.

When you speak with a Cura Debt counselor they will give you timely advice,

and solutions that are taylored to you specific problem, financial goals and current situation.

The Cura Debt consultation is always 100 % free, confidential, and never an obligation.

Cura Debt’s list of services include:

  • Debt Relief
  • Debt settlement Program
  • Tax debt relief for both the IRS and state tax debts
  • Debt negotiation
  • Debt consolidation program

Here is the Deal:

Pros –  Cura Debt strictly adheres to the FTC regulations that guide the debt settlement industry.

Of all the debt settlement companies out there…

…only Cura Debt has been rated #1,..

… among the top two debt settlement, or debt relief companies,

by “Top Consumer Reviews” for the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

No other company in the debt settlement, debt negotiation, or tax debt relief can boast about this year over year track record of excellence of being in the top 2 slots for this period ogf time.

Cura Debt has recieved many other top awards including Five Star Reviews from “Customer Lobby”.

Cura Debt has also recieved a Five Star Review from “Shoppers Approved”, which shows the level of customer satisfaction bestowed upon the Cura Debt team.

Cura Debt has recieved many other awards from industry watchdogs,

that to be honest with you…

…are just too numerous to mention them all here in this review.

These are the areas that Cura Debt specializes in and are best able to help you with.

pay off debts, debt consiolidation loanA Cura Debt professional can you help with:

  1. credit cards
  2. personal loans and lines of credit
  3. business debts debt relief
  4. bankruptcy
  5. and debt consolidation.

Unsecured Debts

For such debts like credit cards, certain private student loans, personal debts otherwise known as “unsecured debts” a debt relief program might be the best solution for you.

Anyone could accumulate these debts for any number of reasons including divorce, overspending or some type of unforseen economic hardship.

Many times when you are paying off the minimum payments,

you have paid off the total amount of the debt while still having remaining balances left over.

For unsecured debts there are several ways to get rid of your debt problem including:

  1. debt negotiation
  2. debt settlement
  3. debt consolidation
  4. other debt relief programs.

As you can see there are many ways that the Cura Debt team can help you to settle your various debt problem scenarios.

But which one to choose?

If you are not a credit, debt , or tax expert like the Cura Debt team,

then how would you know which solution to apply to your specific problem?

IRS or state back taxes or liensdebt relief, credit card debt

Expanded collection rights by the IRS or the state make owing back taxes a much more serious situation.

The reason for owing back taxes can be many fold and very stressful.

The taxing authorities have the authority to freeze or garnish your wages, levy or put a lien on property,

to make sure that they get paid.

That is why it is so important to have a proven professional in your corner.

Cura Debt offers a free estimate, consultation, and no up front fees.

Their customer service department is in house and they will quickly and thoroughly help explain and walk you through to process when you have your initial consultation.

Every clients situation is unique to that person or business.

Once you explain your situation they will pull your master file and dig in to it to determine what is best for YOUR needs.

Some of the benefits that you will receive when you work with a great debt relief company include:

Getting an experts counseling and financial guidance to help walk you through the process.

The Cura Debt team will help you create a budget plan that you can work with to improve your spending habits.

Having many of your late charges and fees waived you can lower your monthly payment,

that better fits an already tight budget.

You may even have a large portion of your debt forgiven.

These are just some of the many benefits you will receive while working with professionals.

A  Cura Debt Relief counselor will help you get your life back on track and live a much less stressful life…

…free from creditors harassing phone calls.

Here is what Cura Debt cannot due for you:

Cons – Cura Debt  cannot help you with debts that include lawsuits*, utility bills, auto, student* or government loans.

Cura Debt cannot help you with mortgage or home loans.

As of this writing Cura Debt  is available in more states than many of it’s competitors. (37/50).

The states they do not provide debt settlement services are:  CO, CT, GA, ID, IL, KS, ND, NH, SC, VT, WA, WI, WV.

That is about it for the Cons.

All of the possible things Cura debt can do for you far outweigh the few cons that they cannot due.

The biggest drawback with Cura Debt is that they do not operate in all 50 states.

So if you are unfortunate to have a credit card, debt or tax issue in one of the states listed above that they do not opperate in,

then all we can say is We Are Sorry.

We wish we could help you,  but we cannot.

The other drawback is the other misc. types of consumer debt that Cura Debt does not work with.

Utility bills, auto loans, lawsuits etc.

If you have problems with those types of loans, then you will need to find another solution to either pay them off or consolidate them somehow.

Wait it gets better:

Cura Debt  has been in providing tough financial solutions since 2009.

Cura Debt is a company that seems to hit all of the right spots with low minimum debt qualifications ( $7500),

affordable pricing, and a long industry history of helping customers.

In fact: Cura Debt covers a larger range of debt relief options than most other debt settlement companies in the industry.

The company holds an A+ rating with the BBB and  major industry accreditation, including the AFCC and the IAPDA.

Cura Debt has an easy to use website that covers many details.

With different options to take care of your debt, debt management,

and an explanation of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and its consequences.

They do a good job of letting you know what you should expect from your debt settlement program.

debt consolidation, credit repair, debt counselingWhat’s The Bottom Line?

Cura Debt offers great service, with excellent online reviews from satisfied customers.

Cura Debt’s in house fees for the debt resolution program are on average 20% less of the total original debt.

Cura Debt has great counselor’s that include backgrounds,

as diverse as  business owners, CPA’s, financial planning, even working for the IRS.

There are no monthly fees.

You only pay a fee when each settlement is reached to your agreement.

No up front fees, competitive pricing, availability in 37 states.

They have been in business since 2009.

They offer debt settlement programs starting as low as $7500.00 in debt.

Cura Debt is dedicated and passionate about helping people get out of debt.

They are one of the most reputable and largest debt settlement companies.


Dorothy R. – Sussex County, NJ

“I’d like to thank Cura Debt and specifically their representative, Allan Smith (CuraDebt Counselor) for helping me through a very challenging and nerve wracking decision. “

Brian H. – Media, PA –

“There are salesman who run to make a sale.

They bother you with emails and unwanted phone calls.

This does not describe Julio Maldonado (Cura Debt Counselor).

I found him by mistake, searching the internet. His knowledge of his business is unmatched in his field. He does not try to sell you anything, but is interested in your financial future.”

Elaine R. – N. Ft Myers, FL –

“Zach (CuraDebt Counselor) did a great job explaining everything to me. He was very pleasant and professional. “

Gayle K. – La Place, LA

“My experience so far with Gloria E. (CuraDebt Counselor) has been very professional and she is very nice and helpful.

I could have never gotten to this point in my life so far without her. I am now enrolled in the program and it’s with the support and help of Gloria E. I would definitely recommend anyone to her. “

In Summary – Best Credit Repair and Debt Counselors to Choose From:

There are many good credit repair and debt couseling companies to choose from.

But ony a very small few who have the years of experience, testimonials, awards, and track record…

…that Cura Debt has established, with years of helping solve people’s debt and credit problems.

If you find yourself starting to pile up credit card, or other debts then you must…

take action NOW!irs debt relief, credit counselor, debt consolidation loan

Failure to take action, or to pick up the phone and speak to a professional credit counselor will only make tour debt problems worse.

There is no charge or obligation for the call… So Call NOW!

A professional credit and debt counselor is waiting for your phone call,

to help solve your credit card or Federal or State tax problems.

The sooner you contact Cura Debt to discuss your tax or debt issues,

the sooner you will be able to put this stressful episode in your life behind you,

And get on with your life.

Remember: “We’re not born just to pay bills and die”

Cura Debt has a plan to get you out of debt and back to point zero.

From there you can create a new plan to once again start living a life of prosperity and abundance.

To quote Robert Collier, “Sucess is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Get started on your road back to sucess by surrounding yourself with the experts at Cura Debt.

credit repair, debt consolidation , IRS tax liens


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